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Application for Employment

Please send completed employment application and resume to:

Human Resources
Iowa Western Community College
2700 College Rd. Box 4-C
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

For Professional Staff positions please include a minimum salary requirement in your cover letter.
For all Faculty positions please include an official copy of transcripts.

Enrollment Advisor



Bachelor’s degree required.


  • Experience that demonstrates sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and disabled backgrounds of community college students.
  • Experience that demonstrates a commitment to delivering first-rate customer service and exceptional support on a daily basis.
  • Experience that illustrates a history of successfully collaborating with co-workers on a regular basis to achieve common goals.
  • Experience that demonstrates a strong desire to work with a variety of people on a daily basis.
  • Experience that exhibits knowledge in techniques that can be used to motivate students.
  • Experience that demonstrates the ability to successfully work on and complete several projects at one time.
  • Experience in student services at an institution of higher education, preferably at a community college.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Iowa Western’s Student Services Division fosters learning environments that engage and empower out students to grow and develop. All Student Services staff members must have the ability to excel in team and individual settings, multi-task, problem solve, manage their time, and maintain positive relationships with students, staff, and faculty while thriving in a fast-paced environment.
  • Possess superior oral and written communication skills, including the ability to communicate policies and procedures to students in a clear and friendly manner.
  • Must possess strong computer skills, particularly the ability to operate and understand programming for a complex student information system.
  • Ability to identify and actively solve problems, both independently and as a member of a team.

Job Duties:

JOB SUMMARY:                

Serves as an enrollment advisor for students, providing them with guidance, information, and answers regarding admissions, registration, financial aid, and payment, as well as many other processes and services at the College. 


  1. Serves as an advisor for new and current students by not only helping them select a program of study and ultimately a career field but also by assisting them in the creation of an educational plan. Assists students with course selection and scheduling.
  2. Provides financial aid information to potential and current students (and parents) and answers questions they may have about the financial aid process and their award package. Explains financial aid eligibility and disbursement of aid, as well as cost of attendance figures, difference among and benefits of various types of aid, and estimated family contribution formulas.
  3. Explains payment options to students and works with students to ensure payment arrangements are complete.
  4. Serves as an assigned advisor for General Studies students and students preparing for admission to competitive programs. Provides proactive, ongoing communication and outreach for assigned advisees on a variety of topics and through various means. Proactively communicates deadlines and important dates to assigned advisees. Demonstrates a concerned and caring attitude toward advisees.
  5. Serves as a responsive listener and resource for students regarding services and opportunities on campus. Refers students to resources, such as academic support, when appropriate.
  6. Must know and understand Advising, Admissions, Registration, and Financial Aid policies, requirements, and resources; actively seeks out changes to institutional information including, but not limited to, admissions requirements, new programs, course changes, deadlines, important dates, costs, expanding facilities, updates in college-wide initiatives, transfer requirements, and state and federal mandates.
  7. Communicates with advisees who receive “unsatisfactory” Academic Progress Reports and advisees who are placed on Financial Aid Warning, ensuring they understand options and resources for improving performance.
  8. Advises potential students regarding admissions requirements and expectations. Helps students define and develop realistic educational career plans through schedule planning.
  9. Serves as a Navigator (low-touch resource) in assigned sections of English Composition I; responsibilities include visiting each class at least twice a semester and serving as a point of contact for students enrolled in those classes throughout the semester.
  10. Promotes an environment of engagement and participation both inside and outside the classroom. Encourages involvement in campus activities, clubs, organizations, and other extra-curricular opportunities.
  11. Performs all other duties as assigned.

COMPENSATION & BENEFITS:                                            


Iowa Western offers a wide array of competitive benefits and perks, including medical and dental coverage, life insurance, retirement with generous matching, and paid time-off (including numerous holidays). 


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Occasional evenings and weekends can be expected.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:                   

Requires prolonged standing or sitting.  Requires frequent bending, stooping or stretching.  May require light lifting.  


Work is routinely performed in an office environment.  Frequent contact with internal and external customers is required. 

Salary Range:


Application Deadline:

open until filled