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Driving Unimpaired

Convicted of drunk driving? Iowa law requires that you must complete a 12-hour drinking driver course and complete a substance abuse evaluation. If you are evaluated as needing treatment, you must complete treatment before you can get your license back.

Information for Offenders of Iowa's OWI Law Brochure

About Driving Unimpaired (DUI) Class

This class is intended to reduce the occurrance of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and to encourage understanding and acceptance of the need to change this behavior in persons of legal age (18 or older) who have been arrested for OWI. Classes are available at IWCC in Council Bluffs, Atlantic and Clarinda.

If you are under 18 years of age, please contact the Iowa Department of Public Health
(515) 281-4417 for direction on how to proceed.


Students must start the class on the date assigned. Students must attend all classes in sequence and may not be tardy.  Students arriving after the designated class start time will be denied entry into the class. 


Do not consume any alcohol on class days. If you do, it will result in dismissal from the class and you will have to re-enroll and pay the $115 fee again.

Successful Completion of the Course

  • No tardiness.
  • Attend all sessions in sequence.
  • Complete all in-class studies and participate in class discussion.

Upon Completion of the Course

You will receive a certificate for your records.We will transmit your completion to the DOT in Des Moines electronically. We usually do this the first workday after the class. Results from Clarinda and Atlantic typically take several days longer. DOT records are updated immediately.

Class Fee $115

Prepayment is required. Payment must be received in order to be enrolled in the class.

DUI Class Locations and Dates

It's easy to register!
  1. Click "Register and Pay for this Class" and complete Personal Information, Class Info. and Payment
  2. Include Section ID with "Name of Class"
IWCC Council Bluffs - Looft Hall

Jan 10, 12 & 17
Tuesday, Thursday, Tuesday from 6:30-10:30 pm
Section ID: Drive 10*01 Register and Pay for this Class

Jan 27 & 28
Friday from 5pm-10pm and Saturday from 8pm-3:30pm
Section ID: Drive 10*02 Register and Pay for this Class

Check back for more 2017 dates

IWCC Clarinda - 923 Washington - Royal Hall

Check back for 2017 dates

IWCC Atlantic - 705 Walnut Street

Check back for 2017 dates

Red Oak, 2300 N 4th

Call Southwestern Community College at (712) 623-2541 to register for these classes. 

Check back for 2017 dates


About Alcohol & Substance Abuse Evaluations (Screenings)

The evaluation is a one-on-one visit with a drug and alcohol counselor that takes about an hour. It  meets the requirements of both the Iowa Code OCI (321J) and the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). 

If you are evaluated as not needing treatment, we report the results to DOT. If you are evaluated as needing treatment, we refer you to the facility of your choice. We do not offer treatment. In most cases, if you are evaluated as needing treatment, you must complete treatment to get your license back.

Call (712) 325-3361 or (800) 432-5852 ext 3361 to schedule an appointment.
Evaluation Fee $125

Recommended for Treatment? Useful things to know.