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Iowa Western Community College

Sterile Processing Technician

Starts September 12, 2017!

About the Program

The Sterile Processing Technician (SPT) role is essential to the successful operation of both inpatient and outpatient surgical facilities. These medical professionals carry out duties that include reprocessing various surgical instruments and equipment. During the reprocessing phase SPTs decontaminate, package, and sterilize items.  Upon sterilization, these technicians proceed to stock and track sterile items. As healthcare continues to evolve, so does the demand for highly trained professionals. Sterile Processing Technicians are a critical component in the team of professionals ensuring the safety of all surgical patients.

The main duty of a Sterile Processing Technician is to insure that instruments used by medical personnel are contaminant-free. In the Sterile Processing Technician program students are instructed on proper techniques to clean and sterilize medical instruments and to understand microbiology and infection control methods. Students learn the proper names and categories of medical instruments and how to properly transfer and store instruments to keep them contaminant-free. 

After successful completion of this program and documented work hours, students will be eligible to take the exams for National Certification as a Sterile Processing Technician. Students will be awarded 5 credits upon completion of this course.


Vaccinations listed in Registration and Immunization Form.


$755 (Includes textbook and workbook.) The fee for the National Exam is not included.

To Register

Click on Registration and Immunization Form to print the form. Your healthcare provider must complete and sign the required immunizations section. Return the completed form with payment to IWCC, Continuing Health Education, Looft Hall room 110.