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Co-Sponsorships for Continuing Health Education Contact Hours

Iowa Western is committed to providing and Co-Sponsoring Continuing Health Education programs that are current, evidence-based and relevant to today’s health professional. In order to ensure that the programs we Co-Sponsor meet the criteria as set forth in the Iowa Administrative Code for the Board of Nursing, we require that standards be met prior to a program being awarded Continuing Education Contact Hours.

Iowa Western is an Iowa Board of Nursing approved provider, #6. We are the responsible party for maintaining records and standards as set forth by the Iowa Board of Nursing. Iowa Western follows all Providership Rules and Regulations that are listed in the 655 Iowa Administrative Code (IAC), Chapter 5.

Although we are an approved provider through the Iowa Board of Nursing, most continuing education contact hours will count for other health occupations. Please consult your professional board for clarification of what is appropriate subject matter. Other health occupations may require additional requirements for approval. Guidelines from the Iowa Board of Professional Licensure can be found here.

Please keep in mind that you must send the required materials in 30 days prior to the date of the intended program. This gives us proper time to review and assess if the program and presenter meet the proper criteria. Iowa Western will work with you and your facility to see if the program will meet appropriate criteria.

All forms and documents can be emailed to Holly Bokelman, Continuing Education Coordinator, at hbokelman@iwcc.edu.

Approval Process

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