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Iowa Western Community College

Combination Welding

October 2, 2018 - March 7, 2019
Tuesdays/Thursdays from 5-8 pm
IWCC Council Bluffs, Kinney Hall

Tuition Assistance Available

Education 2 Employment: This career training is approved for FREE tuition assistance through our Education 2 Employment program for eligible Iowa residents. Financial assistance may include training tuition, textbooks, tools, certification fees, required materials and other services. Email rjensen@iwcc.edu or call 712.325.3268 for more information!

VA Benefits: Are you a veteran? The program is approved for VA benefits. Apply for VA benefits at www.benefits.va.gov or email veterans@iwcc.edu for more information.

Nebraska Residents: Are you a Nebraska resident? Our program is approved through the Nebraska Department of Labor. Visit NEworks for more information.

About The Program

You'll obtain skills in welding with each process in all positions in steel. Learn the necessary skills to weld in the manufacturing field. Our Combination Welding program includes training to help you demonstrate your potential to companies! Sharpen your math skills, get help preparing your resume and with your job search. Students completing the program will take AWS D1.1 test on 3/8” plate. Plates must qualify first before being sent to a third party testing. First qualification cost is covered by Iowa Western. 

Cost includes textbooks, welding symbol quick card, materials and supplies! We also provide the protective equipment for welding lab (helmet, gloves, jacket, and ear plugs). You must wear long pants or jeans with no holes or frays, a long sleeve shirt and work boots to every class.

"Tim is a great instructor, a privilage to learn from." Jeremy Johnson, Student

Program to Include

  • Advanced welding techniques: Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick)
  • Math and blueprint reading for welders
  • Job workshop and resources

Non-Credit to Credit

Take your education to a whole new level and earn college credit toward a degree in Construction Technology. Successful completion of this program will earn you 3 hours of college credit for ARC Welding!

Career & Salary Information

Welding is a career that offers more choices of industries to work in and advancement opportunities than just about any other career choice. Welders are needed in almost every industry and those who want to advance their career have the ability to do so with additional schooling. Sample of reported job titles are Maintenance Welder; Welder Fabricator, Solderer; Production Welder. Promotion options include becoming a pipe welder, shop foreman/forewoman and shift supervisor. With certification, you may have the option to work in welding inspection. 

Industries employing welders include manufacturing, construction and specialty trade contractors. Potential employers are Omaha Standard, Conductix, Valmont, Lozier, Sabre Industries and Carry on Trailers. The median hourly wage is $17.18. Source EMSI. 

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Combination Welding Certificate

Obtain skills in welding with each process in all positions, and in different metals and alloys, such as aluminum and stainless steel. Learn the necessary skills to weld beyond the manufacturing field into the world of customized welding. Readies you for Advanced Welding techniques; Stick welding or TIG welding. Students completing the program will test SMAW or GMAW process in A36 (mild steel) 3/8" plate 1G position. If they prequalify then will test for qualification. Completion of the course does not guarantee qualification. Fee $2995

Section # Location Day(s) Start Date Start Time Building Contact Number
TRADE 36*01 - CF18 Council Bluffs Campus TTh 10/02/2018 5:00-8:00PM Kinney Hall
44 sessions Call 712-325-3256

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Welding Introductory Workshop

This workshop is for anyone wanting hands-on experience to try welding. Stick and MIG welding techniques will be introduced. No experience needed! Protective gear and materials provided, but you must wear long pants or jeans with no holes or frays, a long sleeve shirt and work boots - no tennis shoes. Class meets in Kinney Hall 071. Fee $149

Section # Location Day(s) Start Date Start Time Building Contact Number
TRADE 36*02 - CF18 Council Bluffs Campus S 10/27/2018 8:00AM-12:00PM Kinney Hall
1 session Call 712-325-3256

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