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Driver Improvement Program

Class Schedule/Registration

For class schedule and to register, click on this link: DIP Class Schedule/Registration

Program Information

You may be required to attend a Driver Improvement class if you have either received three moving traffic convictions during a 12-month period or have been convicted of a serious violation (25 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit), or have been required to attend by order of a Driver Improvement Hearing Officer. The Iowa Department of Transportation is authorized to suspend the driving privileges of anyone who is a habitual violator (Iowa Code Section 321.210 and DOT Administrative Rules Procedure 600.43) or commits a serious violation. If you do not successfully complete the Driver Improvement course within the time period on the attached schedule, a notice suspending your driving privileges will be sent to you. If you have more than three moving convictions within a 12-month period, this class may not prevent suspension of your driver's license and privileges.

  • Do not speak or understand English: Call (800) 532-1121 or (515) 244-8725
  • Ne govorite ili nerazumijete Englenski: Nazovite (800) 532-1121 or (515) 244-8725
  • Si usted no habla Ingles, por favor tenga un Interpretor llamar: (800) 532-1121 or (515) 244-8725
  • For information about your driving record: Call (800) 532-1121 or (515) 244-8725
  • Living outside of Iowa: Call (800) 532-1121 or (515) 244-8725

If you have questions regarding your driving record; DO NOT CALL Iowa Western Community College. We have NO information regarding your driving record or why you have been required to attend. For information about your driving record, call (800) 532-1121 or (515) 244-8725.


You must bring a Photo ID with you to class. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be on probation for a period of 1 (one) year from the class end date.


$105 payment for class is required at time of registration. Pre-registration is required.


You are required to arrive class on time. You will not be admitted to class if you arrive after the designated start time. You must attend the full eight hours to successfully complete the class.

To Reschedule

You are allowed to reschedule once to the next available class; a $20 rescheduling fee will be charged. You must call before the class dates listed in the letter you receive. To reschedule your class, call (712) 325-3255 or (800) 432-5852, ext. 3255. Other class sites and times are available throughout the state if you are no longer living in the area.

Useful Links

DOT Driver Improvement Web Page