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Iowa Western Community College

New Student Registration

New students that have been accepted to Iowa Western can sign up to attend New Student Registration. While on campus for this event, new students will meet with an academic advisor, log into their Reiver Online Campus, create their class schedule, meet with an enrollment and financial aid navigator, get their student ID and meet other new Reivers!

New students will attend a New Student Registration group event based on their program of study. Each program will offer a registration event where new students will register with students studying a program similar to one another. Each group will be led by an academic advisor specializing in a specific program clusters.

Please select from the program clusters listed below and sign up for a new student registration event! 

Business Cluster Group Registration:
Agribusiness Technology
Agriculture Transfer A.S.
Business Administrations A.A.
Management & Human Resources A.A.S.
Marketing A.A.S.
Marketing Management A.A.
Culinary Arts

General Studies Group Registration:
General Studies AA
General Studies AGS
General Studies AS

Health Cluster Group Registration:
Dental Assistant DIP
Dental Hygiene A.A.S.
Exercise Science A.S.
Health and Recreation A.A.
Medical Assistant DIP
Medical/Clinical Assistant Certificate
Nursing: Advanced Nursing Assistant Certificate
Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing A.A.S.
Nursing: Practical Nursing DIP
Physical Therapy Assistant A.A.S
Prep Nursing
Prep Dental Hygiene
Surgical Technology A.A.S.

Social and Behavioral Science Cluster Group Registration:
Criminal Justice A.A.
Early Childhood Education A.A.
Early Childhood Studies A.A.S
Early Childhood Studies Diploma
Early Childhood: Administration Certificate
Early Childhood Child Development Certificate
Education: Grades K-12 A.A.
Fire Science Technology A.A.
Human Services: Addictive Studies A.A.
Human Services: Generalist A.A.
Human Services: Pre-Social Work Transfer A.A.
Human Services: Youth Worker A.A.
Pre-Law A.A.
Psychology A.A.
Sociology A.A.

STEM Cluster Group Registration:
Health Sciences
Computers: Application & Web Programming A.A.S
Computer Science A.A.
Cyber Security A.A.
Desktop Support Certificate
Management Information Systems A.A.
Network and System Administration A.A.S
Computers: Programming Certificate
Computers: System Administration Certificate
Biological Sciences A.S
Chemistry A.S.
Mathematics A.S.
Microbiology Transfer A.S
Pre-Engineering A.S.
Veterinary Technology A.A.S.

Communication and Fine Arts Cluster Group Registration:
Audio Engineering A.A.S.
Communication Studies A.A.
Media Studies: Radio A.A.S
Media Studies: Sports Media Technology A.A.S
Media Studies: Television/Video A.A.S.
Social Media Certificate
Spanish A.A.
Art A.A.
Graphic Design AA
Literature A.A.
Music A.A.
Music: Music Technology A.A.
Theatre A.A.
Songwriting and Rap Production Certificate

Industrial Technology and Transportation Registration:
CNC Machining Diploma
Construction Technology
Design Technology A.A.S.
Electrical Technology
Electronic Engineering Technology A.A.S.
Industrial Engineering Technology A.A.S.
Industrial Maintenance Technician DIP
Industrial Technology Certificate
Photonics System
Sustainable Energy

Questions? 712.325.3277 | admissions@iwcc.edu