What Will You Become?
Iowa Western Community College

Courses with a Service-Learning Componet


Course Name: Course #: Instructor
Children's Literature EDU-235-01 A. McGraw
Commercial Construction Technology II CON-254-01 J. Reddish
Dental Specialties DEA-606-01 S. Norman
Dental Theory II DEA-275-01 S. Norman
Developmental Psychology PSY-121-03 J. Bonsall
Interpersonal Communication SPC-122-05
E. Rodasky
Introduction to Human Services HSV-109-HYB01 J. Cool
Introduction to Psychology PSY-111-08 J. Bonsall
Introduction to Sociology SOC-110-08 M. Emmer
Leadership Development Studies HUM-287-01 W. Ricketts
Medical Laboratory Techniques MAP-215-01 K. Nelson
Office Leadership Seminar ADM-940-01 J. Fancher
Practical Nursing II PNN-175-JE1D S. Thompson
Practical Nursing III PNN-176-JE1D S. Thompson
Practical Nursing III PNN-176-1D V. Friday, E. Hanson
Principles of Management MGT-101-01 R. Lewallen
Principles of Marketing MKT-110-01 D. Mulholland
Theatre Coop DRA-290-01 C. Dumicich


Course Name: Course #: Instructor
International Programs CASS
E. Brodsky
M. Wertheimer
Student Life Student Clubs
Resident Life/RAs
S. Shockey
J. Tekesky, D. Lumsden
TRiO TRiO Leadership Fellows S. Marshall
Scholarship Programs (Foundation) Leadership Academy A. Berthold